A Change of Scenery

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UW MedicineWhen my father passed away, he left my brothers and me a hefty fortune. We could have easily lived off of the amount we had inherited for several generations. But, our father had instilled in us a desire for success. And money did not mean success to us. It was what we accomplished that mattered. The three of us are doctors. I am an orthopedic surgeon, my brother, Jeremy, is a plastic surgeon and my brother, James, is a cardiothoracic surgeon. We worked at the Northwest Hospital & Medical Center together.

December-CalnderBy December 2014, it had been two years since our father had passed away. And I didn’t feel fulfilled with the work I was doing. I decided that I wanted to venture off into something else. My brothers felt the same way, but our love for surgery remained. So, we decided to open up a practice of our own and we named it after our father. We also decided we needed a change of scenery, so we moved to New York because that’s where our father grew up before moving to Washington with our mother.

Once we had settled in, we needed to find our supplies. We contacted Marina Medical for all our tools and my brother, Jeremy, had connections in New York to get us into hospital ORs for when we needed them. We then had to wait for our practice to be designed and dressed up. We added two more surgeons onto our team because we wanted to also have a general surgeon on Surgical Suppliesboard as well as a neurosurgeon. We then hired our team of nurses and a front desk person to keep our records organized. Once we had everything together, it was just a matter of getting the word out which we hired an agency to handle. They set up everything from our online presence to our advertising in New York.

A year on, we are doing quite well. We are going to be buying the office next door to extend our practice because we are hiring two more surgeons and we need more space for the doctor’s offices and the nurses’ room. Father would definitely be proud.

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The Importance of Life Insurance

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BanfieldIn the summer of 2015, my husband and I decided to take a road trip from Florida to Nevada. We wanted to go to Las Vegas for a two-week getaway. He is an accountant for US Foods, and I am a vet at Banfield. Neither of us have taken a holiday since 2008. We had been saving up our money to buy a house. We finally managed to save up enough to make a down payment on a house in 2014. We have been living in the house ever since, but we decided we finally deserved a vacation.

HotelWe rented a car to drive to Nevada and we were going to fly back first class. We are both Cirque du Soleil fanatics, so we bought tickets to see several of the shows that were Vegas exclusives. We booked a hotel for just three nights because we were going to be spending most of our time driving through and sight seeing along the way. We also decided to drive because neither of us had ever traveled across the US by going on a road trip. We figured this would be our chance to see different places in the US.

Insurance UmbrellaOnce we had finished up our travels, we were flying back in our fabulous first class seats. My husband, Jon, wasn’t feeling too well on our first flight. When we landed in Atlanta, we were running to catch our flight and we collapsed. I yelled for someone to help him and for someone to call 911. There was a nurse who was just on the same flight as us and she stopped to help us. He stayed with us until the paramedics came. My husband had suffered a heart attack and he needed to have major surgery. Primestar Life came to our rescue. Our health insurance covered only so much of the hospital bill. The Living Benefits that Primestar Life’s life insurance comes with allowed us to get access to money that we desperately needed. We were able to cover the bill from the hospital and avoid bankruptcy.

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Proper Safety & Maintenance for Boats & Yachts

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Proper Safety & Maintenance for Boats & Yachts

Fort-lauderdaleAs children, my brothers and I played around the boating docks. We loved the area and our father owned and rented out several boats to customers in Fort Lauderdale who were looking to rend out a boat or yacht. We got to inspect the boats with Dad and he would tell us about the importance of safety and maintenance. The best part was when we got to take the boats onto the water to test them out. Dad would always test out a boat before buying one. He figured if he bought one and rented them out frequently, he would be making a profit.

Les_Roches_International_School_of_Hotel_Management_logoWhen we were teenagers, we all worked at the dock. My brother, Sam, went into engineering because he worked on the engines. He loved everything about it and my father sent him off to college when he was done with high school. My sister, Sarah, was at the front helping customers out and answering their questions or concerns. Sarah would go on to be a hotel manager after graduating from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. I was in charge of making sure everyone was working and because HoistI was good with numbers, I got to be the bookkeeper alongside my Dad. I got the opportunity to attend college and study business management as well as accounting.

I came back to help my father with the business. I was in charge of everything now that he was older and didn’t have the same energy. In order to keep the place up, I hired US Hoists to handle the maintenance and repair of the boats and yachts. Since Sam had gone, we didn’t have a steady and reliable engineer. So, I had to make sure everything was kept in order.

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